E-Learning for Healthcare and Welfare

For many businesses in the healthcare and welfare sector, digital learning presents a significant challenge. When effectively implemented, digital learning can enhance employee efficiency and ensure the quality of care.

LesLinq is the premier platform for creating effective e-learning experiences.

Harnessing the power of digital learning

LesLinq assists healthcare and welfare organizations in optimizing the effectiveness of digital learning.

Accessible and inclusive

An effective e-learning program should be accessible to all employees, including those with disabilities. LesLinq offers various features to achieve this, such as text-to-speech technology and interactive videos.

Certification and accreditation

Many training programs require certifications and accreditations. LesLinq provides the means to validate e-learnings and issue certificates. Results from e-learning modules are meticulously recorded and easily accessible.


Employees do not need to log in or install any apps, making digital learning highly accessible to all.

Breaking language barriers

In an international work environment, language barriers can hinder digital learning. LesLinq offers multilingual support and text-to-speech technology to ensure that all employees can comprehend the content.

Keeping content up-to-date effortlessly

In rapidly changing regulatory and procedural environments, keeping learning materials up-to-date can be a continuous challenge. LesLinq simplifies the process of maintaining e-learning modules, ensuring that the content remains relevant.

Enhancing engagement

When employees are frequently on the move, working shifts, or stationed in remote locations, it is crucial to keep them motivated and engaged. This can be achieved with LesLinq. Thanks to its user-friendly distribution methods, you can effortlessly reach everyone. Employees do not need to log in or install any apps, making digital learning highly accessible to all.

Digital learning for healthcare and welfare

LesLinq is exceptionally well-suited for creating a variety of e-learnings and microlearnings, including:


Provide new employees with clear and engaging instructions about the organization or work environment in a fun and concise manner.

Soft skills training

Develop a range of soft skills training programs effortlessly to enable employees to effectively integrate into the company.

Compliance training

Ensure that employees are well-informed about the most current regulations to perform their work safely.

Safety instructions

Raise employee safety awareness through interactive safety training programs.

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