E-learning for Staffing and Onboarding

A well-thought-out and effective onboarding process for new employees is essential for a company’s success and growth. It offers numerous benefits that benefit both employees and the organization.

LesLinq stands as the premier platform for creating effective e-learnings and onboarding experiences. For anyone looking to streamline the onboarding process, LesLinq is the perfect solution.

Quickly and effectively orient new employees:e

With LesLinq, you can create professional onboarding training and instructions that are not only accessible but also engaging.

Accessibility and Availability

Accessing e-learning content can pose logistical challenges, particularly for external or globally dispersed employees. LesLinq simplifies distribution, ensuring that everyone in the field can easily access the content. Employees do not need to log in or install an app, making digital learning highly accessible.

Distinguished Onboarding

You don’t want to present new employees with a dull onboarding experience. With LesLinq, you offer new employees an onboarding experience that is not only distinctive but also effective. This enhances engagement and quickly makes employees productive.

Accessibility for Diverse Workforces

In workplaces characterized by diverse workforces with individuals from various backgrounds and nationalities, it is crucial that e-learning is accessible and comprehensible to everyone. LesLinq offers various options for achieving this, including minimal text, rich visuals, and text-to-speech technology.

Breaking Language Barriers

In international work environments, language barriers can impede digital learning. LesLinq provides multilingual support and employs text-to-speech technology to ensure that all employees can understand the content.

Keeping Content Up-to-Date

In the face of rapidly changing regulations and procedures, keeping learning materials up-to-date can be an ongoing challenge. LesLinq streamlines the process of updating e-learning modules, ensuring that the content remains relevant.

Digital learning for Staffing and Onboarding

LesLinq is exceptionally well-suited for creating a variety of e-learnings or microlearnings, including:


Provide new employees with clear and engaging instructions about the organization or work environment in a concise, powerful, and captivating manner.

Soft skills training

Easily develop various soft skills training programs to equip employees with the necessary skills to thrive in the company.

Compliance training

Ensure that employees are well-informed about the most current regulations to perform their work safely.

Safety Instructions

Raise employee safety awareness through interactive safety training programs.

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