Educate, inform and instruct. Digital learning and informing for hard-to-reach target audiences.

Your ultimate platform for digital learning and training. Craft, share, and distribute interactive content to make learning accessible anywhere, anytime. Elevate your learning experience with LesLinq!

  • No login or app installation required
  • Shareable via SMS or email
  • Capturing data for compliance
  • Compatibility across all devices
  • 100% freedom in layout

Microlearning platform for training and e-learning

Deliver catchy microlearnings easily via mobile. Completely in the look and feel of your organization. Ideal for onboardings, safety training, soft skills and more. No app required.

Content creation tool

Create sparkling animated microlearning

Question module

Test the learners knowledge

Send via SMS / email

No login or app installation required

Advanced Insights

Monitor and analyze the results in our LMS

Clients and partners

LesLinq Learning Hub

With LesLinq, creating captivating microlearning content is a breeze. Tailored to match the look and feel of your organization, it’s perfect for onboarding, gate instructions, safety training, soft skills development, and more. Distribute them effortlessly via SMS or email—no need for app installations.

Safety Instructions

Grant your employees easy access to vital knowledge and skills required for performing their tasks safely.

Low Literacy Support

LesLinq offers an ideal solution to reach employees who may face challenges with reading and language comprehension.

Marketing & Sales

Craft dazzling promotional videos, interactive presentations, and more, enhancing customer engagement, sales results, and overall satisfaction.


Effortlessly provide new hires with clear insights into your organization or workplace environment in a fun, concise, and engaging manner.

Gate Instructions

Inform visitors about safety regulations at your location before their arrival. Send tailored gate instructions via SMS or email and capture their responses.

Interactive video

Enhance your (YouTube) videos with interactive elements such as buttons, links, or questions to keep viewers engaged throughout.

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