The power of engaging microlearning

With LesLinq you deliver catchy microlearnings easily via mobile. Completely in the look and feel of your organization. Ideal for onboardings, safety training, soft skills and more. No app required.

Safety Instructions

Provide your staff with the key knowledge and skills they need to carry out their jobs safely.


Give new employees clear instructions about the organization or work environment in a fun way. Short, powerful and engaging!

Interactive video

Succesfully create interactive (YouTube) videos and offer your audience a dynamic experience that’s engaging and relevant.

Personal tour

Hi, I'm Chris, content creation specialist at LesLinq. I would be happy to give you a virtual tour in LesLinq, without any obligation. After that you will have a good impression of LesLinq and the basic knowledge to create content yourself.


What kind of eLearning bites are yo going to create in LesLinq?

Convince yourself of the benefits of LesLinq and create a free account. No credit card needed.