Increase visitors’ safety awareness with clear gate instructions

LesLinq is the solution for creating gate instructions that actually increase safety awareness. Send the interactive gate instruction in advance via SMS or email. This saves time. No app needed. Progress and results are recorded in the LesLinq dashboard.

Why LesLinq?

  • No login or app installation required
  • Distribution via SMS or email
  • Capturing data for compliance
  • Usable on all devices
  • 100% freedom in layout

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Content creation tool

Create sparkling animated microlearning

Question module

Test the learners knowledge

Send via SMS or email

No login or app installation required

Advanced Insights

Monitor and analyze the results in our LMS

Make visitors and new employees aware of safety in your organization in a fun way

Of course, safety is important to you. That’s why there are specific rules for access and for performing work on your company premises. Through a gate instruction, you inform your visitors, suppliers, contractors, and temporary workers about the rules that apply on your company premises. Do you want the knowledge to really stick and for visitors to truly become aware of safety? Then create the gate instruction in LesLinq. LesLinq’s gate instructions look great and are fun to do. As a result, the information comes across better. And that’s good for safety!

Efficient and measurable

The gate instruction is sent via SMS and/or email. You can do this even before your visitor reaches the gate. Quite efficient. Because all data is recorded, you can see for each visitor whether the gate instruction has been completed and what answers have been given to the questions. You can even specify a minimum scoring percentage and issue a certificate, depending on the scoring percentage.

Who is LesLinq for?

LesLinq is ideal for companies that value safety. Those who want to make their visitors and employees aware of potential risks in terms of safety, health, and the environment. For companies that need to demonstrate that they have informed their employees and visitors about potentially risky situations in the workplace and how to deal with them.

With LesLinq, you create gate instructions that are fully tailored to the situation of your organization, completely in your own corporate identity.


Send me a sample!

Curious to see what a LesLinq microlearning looks like in practice? Receive a free sample and experience the power of distribution via email and/or SMS.

LesLinq: A Comprehensive Solution for Gate Instructions

design with leslinq


Craft compelling gate instructions with our professional HTML5 content creation tool

LesLinq empowers you with complete design freedom. Combine text, images, videos, and interactive elements to shape an engaging learning experience, all aligned with your brand. Say farewell to mundane training sessions and embrace vibrant, animated microlearning modules!


Infuse vitality with interactive test questions

Elevate your gate instructions by integrating knowledge-testing questions. Whether woven within videos, spread across sections, or as concluding assessments, you can seamlessly add questions using LesLinq. Fuse them with other interactive components for an immersive experience. Set the minimum passing score and reward participants with certificates.

testing with leslinq
distribution to mobile


Empower your team to access gate instructions anytime, anywhere

Deliver gate instructions through SMS and/or email. No app installations or logins needed for visitors. A single click on a unique weblink opens up the microlearning content. You can even send instructions in advance, streamlining the process efficiently.


Capture, track, and analyze outcomes

LesLinq automatically records data from each gate instruction in a secure database. Demonstrate your commitment to informing visitors about vital safety protocols. Gain insights by reviewing results per visitor on the dashboard, ensuring adherence to legal standards.

edit with leslinq

Elevate Safety Awareness in a Fun Way

Opt for contemporary training methods that captivate and ensure effective comprehension of the material. Enhance your gate instruction with LesLinq and raise safety awareness among your visitors. Curious about how it works? Request a demo today!

The benefits at a glance:

Increases safety awareness

Mobile accessibility

No app required

Data capture for regulations


Interactive and enjoyable

The Outcome?

Gate instructions that are truly viewed and remembered. As a company, you can demonstrate an active safety program. With LesLinq, you impact safety!

Is LesLinq right for you? Let's find out!

We'd be happy to give you a LesLinq tour, without any obligation. Let's dive into your microlearning wishes  and see if LesLinq is the right solution for you. 

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