Easily create interactive marketing and sales collateral

View some examples how you can use LesLinq effectively in your marketing and sales strategy.

Grow your business, bring in new customers and keep them committed

There are many ways to use LesLinq effectively for sales and marketing. We list a few:

  • interactive presentations
  • interactive promo videos
  • Video Sales Letters (VSL)
  • animated flyers
  • how to guides
  • interactive product instructions
  • interactive video tutorials
  • FAQs and troubleshooting guides
  • interactive infographics
  • and more

Lead generation

Draw the attention of new customers with distinctive video sales letters, promovideos, interactive presentations or animated flyers.

After sales

Educate customers and partners with interactive engaging video tutorials and how-to guides that explain a product or service.

Customer loyalty

Stay top of mind with bite-sized tips or micro-courses that teach your customers how to use your products or services.

Customer support

Create interactive infographics, FAQs or troubleshooting guides that explain concepts in an easy-to-understand way. 

Convince yourself of the benefits of LesLinq and get started.

LesLinq allows you to:


Transfer information in a short and powerful way


Work super fast with video, audio, images and text


Develop different routes to navigate through the content


Easily add interactivity and animation to elements, like zoom and animate


Make interactive video part of your microlearning and combine it with other interactive elements


Build on the web. Deliver it on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop or any device you wish for.

Powerful tool to make engaging content for marketing and sales

Successful marketers know how important and powerful it is to use microlearning and interactive video in your marketing mix. LesLinq allows you to create sparkling content that improves engagement, sales results AND customer enjoyment. 


Professional HTML5 content creation tool

Create sparkling animated microlearnings with our professional authoring tool. Embed videos, actions and animations. LesLinq is designed to created visual attractive content.

desihn with leslinq
edit with leslinq


Add compelling test questions

Test the learners knowledge by creating questions and quizzes and integrate them in your microlearning.


Bring training to your people, no matter where they are

Push your microlearnings to mobile via SMS or email. No need to install an app. The use of a unique web link makes logging in a redundant act for learners.

distribute your leslinq

Is LesLinq right for you? Let's find out!

We'd be happy to give you a LesLinq tour, without any obligation. Let's dive into your microlearning wishes  and see if LesLinq is the right solution for you. 

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