E-Learning for Maritime and Industrial Sectors

For companies in the maritime and industrial sectors, ensuring employee safety is a paramount challenge. Digital learning plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, allowing companies to keep employees’ knowledge up-to-date, maintain a safe and sustainable work environment, and keep remote workers engaged in the company’s mission.

LesLinq serves as the premier platform for production companies and businesses in the maritime sector to create effective e-learning experiences.

Enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of digital learning

LesLinq assists production companies and businesses in the maritime sector in implementing e-learning and elevating the effectiveness of digital learning.

Enhance employee safety

With LesLinq, you can enhance employee safety awareness by making safety training interactive and engaging. Provide employees with easy access to essential knowledge and skills required to perform their work safely.

Compliance en certification

To ensure employee safety, production companies and maritime businesses must adhere to strict regulations. Certification and compliance with specific standards are often required. LesLinq facilitates the creation of user-friendly compliance training programs, with the option to attach certification where needed.

Accessibility for Diverse Workforces

In workplaces characterized by diverse workforces with individuals from various backgrounds and nationalities, it is crucial that e-learning is accessible and comprehensible to everyone. LesLinq offers various options for achieving this, including minimal text, rich visuals, and text-to-speech technology.

Breaking Language Barriers

In international work environments, language barriers can impede digital learning. LesLinq provides multilingual support and employs text-to-speech technology to ensure that all employees can understand the content.

Boosting Engagement

In a sector where employees are frequently on the move or stationed at remote locations, maintaining their motivation and engagement is vital. LesLinq simplifies distribution, making it easy to reach everyone in the field. No logins or app installations are necessary, making digital learning highly accessible.

Keeping Content Up-to-Date

In the face of rapidly changing regulations and procedures, keeping learning materials up-to-date can be an ongoing challenge. LesLinq streamlines the process of updating e-learning modules, ensuring that the content remains relevant.

Digital Learning for Maritime and Industry

LesLinq is exceptionally well-suited for the creation of various e-learnings and microlearnings, including:

Safety Instructions

Enhance employees’ safety awareness through interactive safety training programs.

Gate entry training

Effectively acquaint visitors and new employees with safety protocols within the organization in an engaging manner.

Compliance training

Ensure that employees are well-versed in the most up-to-date regulations necessary for the safe execution of their tasks.

Toolbox Talks

Foster employee awareness of potential risks in the domains of safety, health, and the environment through a digital toolbox presentation.

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