Webinar: Speed up the creation of eLearning bites with Interactive Sets

Tuesday 13 December: 10:00 am

Meet the new Interactive Sets in LesLinq. Join the webinar and experience how these new sets allow you to create eLearning bites quicker and easier than ever before!

webinar leslinq interactive sets

New Interactive Sets

Recently we added 14 new Interactive Sets. An Interactive Set allows you to save animated content and to re-use it. They are the solution for quickly creating eLearning bites.

During the webinar our Content Creation Specialist Chris Hof will show you the Interactive Sets. He’ll explain how to integrate them in your project and how easy it has become to create and distribute eLearning bites.


  • 13 December: 10:00 – 10:30

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At the webinar we’ll show you:

  • how you can use the Interactive Sets
  • how to create eLearning bites faster than ever before
  • how to re-use your animated content
  • how to distribute your eLearning bites and make them accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • and more!

At LesLinq we’re committed to giving you a tool that’s always improving — so you have more ways to create incredible eLearning experiences. Stay up to date on how to use LesLinq as your tool to create sparkling content for eLearning.

The webinar will be given by Chris Hof, Content Creation Specialist of LesLinq.

Chris Hof

Chris Hof

Content Creation Specialist

I’d love to tell you more about LesLinq during the webinar. Nice to see you there!