Teaching materials are increasingly shifting to online and interactive. For educational publishers, creating interactive content is becoming increasingly important to keep students focused. With its online content creation tool, LesLinq offers the solution to make content interactive. The cooperation that was recently started with ThiemeMeulenhoff proves that the software developer is on the right track. With LesLinq, the educational publisher can create interactive assets, videos and animations even more easily and thus anticipate changes in education.

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Successful pilot

During a pilot of 3 months, various content teams from ThiemeMeulenhoff experimented extensively with LesLinq. Two main questions were answered:

  1. Does LesLinq quickly provide us with good and substantive interactive assets that we can use immediately?
  2. Can we implement this technically?

During the pilot phase, assets were created for biology (10voorBiology), physics (Newton), MIXED VMBO vocational and history (Feniks). LesLinq met both expectations well. “During the first test, I managed to create my first asset within 1 hour, without any prior knowledge. That’s how logical LesLinq is,” says Gabrielle Putuhena, Image content developer at ThiemeMeulenhoff.

Enthusiastic teachers

“In history it appears that interpreting sources is difficult for many students in practice. As a test, we made a painting interactive in LesLinq in a very nice way. We showed this to a number of teachers. That was a bull’s eye. They were also very enthusiastic.”

The added value of enriched content

Research shows that interactive teaching materials allow students to remember the lesson material better and retain their attention better. Gabrielle Putuhena: “We see that interactive assets have added value. It is important to us that students become more interested in the subject because they click and get information themselves.”

Future proof

LesLinq has now been tested at ThiemeMeulenhoff with a few methods, but can be used widely within the organization. “LesLinq offers us the opportunity to make a profit from creating interactive assets. Assets can be created well and quickly. LesLinq offers many possibilities. Teachers are very enthusiastic. The technical implementation also went well. There were no barriers for us to get started with LesLinq” says Gabrielle Putuhena.

A step forward in interactive content creation

After the successful course of the pilot, the signature was placed on the contract that seals the collaboration. In the coming year, ThiemeMeulenhoff will make use of all the possibilities that LesLinq offers in the field of interactive video, audio and animated images.

“We are very pleased that ThiemeMeulenhoff has chosen LesLinq,” said Frank de Jong, of LesLinq. “We see that more and more organizations are embracing LesLinq to quickly and easily create enriched content. As an open SAAS solution, LesLinq can be easily linked to all Learning and Content Management Systems. The open canvas allows the user to give free rein to their creativity. We continue to add new functionalities, such as Adobe Illustrator import. Everything to make it easier to use.”

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