With these features you easily create the most beautiful interactive content

With LesLinq, you turn static content into an interactive experience. Add engaging elements to your content within minutes, such as interactions, animations or interactive video. Publish directly via a web link, HTML5 or integration.

Open Canvas

The open canvas provides a lot of freedom and flexibility in designing interactive learning materials.


Add buttons to your design and set size, colour, borders, corners, etc.


Place your images in the library and add them to your design. You can also use GIF files.


Add rectangles, triangles, circles, and polygons and give them custom styling.


Apply predefined fonts or upload your own web font.


Insert a YouTube video, upload an existing video or record your own video through LesLinq.


Upload an audio clip or record your own audio with the built-in audio recorder.


A library of icons you can add to your design for free.

PPT, PDF, PSD and AI Import

Import your Powerpoint, PDF, Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator file and render it interactive in LesLinq


The actions allow you to add a special effect on click, hover or rollover to each separate element.


You can attach separate styling elements, such as colour or transparency, to each separate element.


Fade, zoom, slide in… Combined with Actions, the possibilities for rendering elements interactive are endless.


Automatically have text on the screen read aloud with our text-to-speech technology.


Test the knowledge of the subject matter by integrating questions in your eLearning.


Collaborate with others on a project.


Easily share your project via a leslinq and view user statistics.


Download your project as HTML5 and use it in your own LMS.


Cost-effective integration, white label or customisation by our in-house development team.

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