In need of a sales boost? The sales experts at SalesTopics are dedicated to assisting professionals and businesses in enhancing their commercial performance. They achieve this through various avenues, including (online) Sales Training, Sales Coaching, and Sales Consultancy.

In addition to their traditional classroom-based sales training, SalesTopics has collaborated with LesLinq’s content creation specialists to create an engaging Micro Learning program called “Achieving Success in Acquisitions.

microlearning van salestopics
microlearning van salestopics
microlearning van salestopics

This program comprises a series of impactful microlearning segments designed to elevate your acquisition skills, ultimately leading to increased client acquisition and higher revenue.

Convenient mobile learning

The microlearning modules are accessible on all mobile devices, designed with an attractive layout and concise, easily navigable content. This offers an approachable method for acquiring knowledge tailored to the demands of a busy and ever-changing world.

LesLinq makes learning enjoyable!

Sales-Inspirator Rob Snoeijen shared his positive experiences with the LesLinq microlearning platform: “LesLinq is user-friendly, powerful, and rekindles the joy of learning! The team at LesLinq is passionately committed to ensuring your microlearning experience is a resounding success, making collaboration an absolute pleasure.”

Sneak peek

Want to create engaging microlearning content with LesLinq as well?

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