We haven’t been sitting on our hands, the past weeks. Our development team has been busy improving and expanding LesLinq even further. Below you will find an overview of the most important changes. 

Improvements made to LesLinq

  1. Customized user interface
    Improved Redo and Undo functionality
    Make the toolbar easier to use for inserting shapes, images, audio, video, etc.
    Improved preview function
    Autosave added
  2. PowerPoint import
    It is now possible to import PowerPoint files into LesLinq and edit them directly in LesLinq. Super handy to convert an existing presentation into an interactive experience!
  3. Upload gif files
    Besides uploading JPEG, PNG and PSD files, it is also possible to import GIF files. A nice extension to the existing interactive possibilities.
  4. New templates
    We have added a number of templates, which make it even easier to create new teaching materials.

Suggestions for improvements? Let us know!

We are continuously working to improve and expand LesLinq. Do you have suggestions for improvements? Let us know! Send us an email or call Chris Hof on 0618 134 501. We’d love to hear from you.

Directly to LesLinq

Curious about the improvements? Want to get started right away with this great authoring tool? Click here to login to LesLinq.


On the page leslinq.com/tutorials you will find a number of instructional videos. They provide a concise explanation of the most important functionalities and possibilities of LesLinq.

Sign up for a non-binding LesLinq demo

Via an (online) demo, we explain in an hour how you can quickly and easily create your first LesLinq, how to import and adjust a PowerPoint file and much more. You can register via this link.