We often get asked about the benefits of using SMS for the distribution of our e-learning courses. The answer to that question has two aspects:

  1. With SMS, we have a phone number, which allows us to directly identify the learner. As a result, a login procedure is no longer necessary. The phone number serves as the login. This makes it easy and straightforward to enable hard-to-reach employees to engage in learning.
  2. The second reason is more technical. SMS distribution channels (the mobile phone providers) provide us with immediate delivery data. This means that we receive information about the delivered message – the e-learning content – right away. We can see when the message was sent and when it was delivered to the phone. We combine this data with the e-learning course data and log it into our Learning Management System (LMS). This gives us insight into the entire distribution process, which is valuable for compliance, and also helps us track results!

Curious about how this works? We’d be happy to provide you with a demo.