Recently, in a Product Demo from LesLinq (sign up here), we received the following question:
“If someone provides an incorrect answer in LesLinq, can I include a link in the feedback to more information on the topic?”

Scenario-Based Learning:
Yes, in LesLinq, you can design ‘scenario-based learning.’ Because LesLinq offers 100% freedom in design and interaction (the ‘flow’ of the lesson), there are even multiple options available in this scenario.

In LesLinq, you can link an ‘action’ to everything. When you want to use scenario-based learning, you set up an action based on the given answer. If an answer is correct (or incorrect), you can set up a specific flow to, for example, a certain series of slides with more information, a video, images with or without audio, a piece of text, etc. The possibilities are vast.

How does this work?


scenario based learning in LesLinq
The action can be:

  • Navigate To URL (external link)
  • Navigate to Page (internal series of slides or individual slide with information)
  • Change Property (visibility/placement/scale, etc.)
  • Change Style (color/formatting)
  • Play Animation (slide/fade/zoom)
  • Play/Pause/Stop Audio
  • Play/Pause/Stop Video
scenario based learning in leslinq

At the end of the flow, you can go back to the question, continue with the learning, or proceed with another learning path within the learning, and so on—whatever you prefer.