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Yes, you can! With LesLinq you can work super fast with (many) video files. You can also layer infinitely over a (playing) video, including video over video. In addition, you can zoom and animate in a (playing) video. Would you like to know more? Take one of our masterclasses.

Yes, you can share a project with someone else in 2 ways:

  • Send a link to the project by email (send to)
  • Share the project with another user to work on it together (collaborate with)

Sharing a project is done from the Dashboard, at the projects overview. When you hover over the project you want to share, choose the Send / Collaborate function. Choose “Send to” or “Collaborate with” and select the mail address.

Sending a link to the project by mail (Send to) can only be done to users who are in “My Contacts”. Sharing a project via the “Collaborate with” feature can be done with any email address. Does the person you are sharing the project with through the “Collaborate with” feature not yet have an account in LesLinq? Then they can create it here for free.

If you are logged into LesLinq, you will see ‘My Contacts’ at the top of the page in the navigation menu. Click on that. To add a contact, you must first create a group. This works simply by clicking on ‘Create Group’. You enter the name of the group and click ‘Add’. You can now add new contacts using the Create contact feature. Select the group the contact should be in. Then you can choose to add 1 separate contact or import an excel list. Are you sure you’re using the right format for the Excel list? Download a sample list using the ‘Download Excel Template’ button.

Yes, the complete online tool is available in English.

How to

In the LesLinq canvas, you will see an overview of your pages to the right. Click on the + sign at the top and a new page will be created.

By adding actions, you can make a video even more interactive and keep your audience engaged. Possible actions you can add are:
You can choose whether you want the action to happen at the end of the video (video end) or at a particular point in the video (video trigger point). Read more here.

When you add an image to the canvas, you can add various actions to it. You can choose from the following actions:

Open URL
You can also set the time at which the action should take place: on click, press, rollover or rollout.


LesLinq has a separate feature for importing Photoshop (PSD) files. When you create a project or open an existing one, you will see the green buttons + Page and + PSD on the right side of your screen, under ‘Pages’. When you click on the + PSD button, a new window opens with the option to upload PSD files. Each Photoshop layer is imported as a separate element. This gives you as a user tremendous flexibility to further edit the separate layers in LesLinq. The maximum file size for importing a PSD file is 20 MB.

LesLinq has a separate function for importing a PDF file. When you create a project or open an existing one, you will see a ‘PDF import’ button in the bottom left of the menu bar. You can then choose to import a PDF file and edit it in LesLinq.

Yes, there are several ways to integrate LesLinq with an LMS. The way this is done depends on the LMS you are working with. It is possible to download projects as HTML5 for use in your own LMS, or to link LesLinq with an LMS via an API link. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

LesLinq has a separate feature for importing a Powerpoint (PPT) file. When you create a project or open an existing one, you’ll see a “PPT” button in the bottom left of the menu bar. When you click on it, a new window opens and you can upload your PowerPoint file and continue editing it in LesLinq.